William Schnack

Ben Wheeler, TX

Will Schnack is no stranger to alternative outlooks on life. As a teen, Will was influenced by anarchism and the DIY ethic of the punk rock community. This influenced him to think differently about his values and what he wanted to do with his life, and eventually to drop out of highschool in order to pursue his own educational interests, which revolve around ethics, economics, and social organization. Today, Will is a self-taught philosopher, experienced community organizer, and budding permaculture farmer. After leaving school, Will joined the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), a revolutionary labor union, and founded a local branch with others in DFW, an effort which would culminate in members organizing a union at a local Starbucks, the first in Texas. Later, he founded the Black Cat Collective, an all-volunteer mutual aid association, which hosted events, classes, a community library, and put out a literary journal. In association with the Black Cat Collective, Will co-founded The People’s Arcane School, a volunteer peer-instructed school of science, philosophy, and mysticism. He has written three books: "The Evolution of Consent: Collected Essays," which comes in two volumes and explores his philosophies of dualist pantheism and geo-mutualist panarchism; and "Fair Shares: Community Economics for Permaculture Practitioners," which introduces the views of Ralph Borsodi and his influences to permaculturists. Schnack has given lectures in universities and to churches, as well as in his own organizations, in libraries, at public events, and in people’s homes. He has been featured in think-tank discussions with well-respected scientists and philosophers, as well as in online interviews and podcasts.

A vegan of eleven years, Will has recently adapted a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, due to his moving out to East Texas, where he raises chickens and dairy animals (sheep and a cow) to help out on the farm and with local nutrition. He will be ranging his animals on his 20 acre farm, which is being developed into a silvopasture system, complete with rows of pecan trees for nuts and timber, fruit trees, berry bushes, and forage for the animals to graze in between them. You can find more out about Will and his work from his website, evolutionofconsent.com.