Theron Beaudreau

Douglass, TX

For over a decade, Theron has been involved in Permaculture Design and education. His talent for engaging education has taken him all over the world and inspired many other quality teachers and designers. In 2014 Theron founded Integrated Acres, a design, consultation and, education firm, in the small ‘Deep East’ Texas town of Douglass. Today, Integrated Acres has been involved with several Permaculture Design Courses, public talks and, the 2016 host of international acclaimed designer Darren Doherty for an Integrated Farm Planning Convention. Theron looks to expand on these successes with a wider diversity of course offerings and engaging community examples of what permaculture can do for our families, communities and economy. 

Theron’s teaching style is one of sharing and impassioning his students to then go on and share their new knowledge with others. Often the highest rated teacher in a multi-teacher course, Theron inspires people to live the life of permaculture, as opposed to simply focusing on money and how much one can get by being a designer. He knows and puts forth the notion that slow, small changes last and make the biggest impact. Permaculture living takes practice and commitment and we see that in Theron’s talking and in his walking.