Nichole Fausey

Denton, TX

Nichole is the usually-behind-the-scenes Director of Business Management for PermacultureDenton and the energy behind it. She is a 20-year veteran of non-conventional thinking and living as an unschooling mother of two girls, 20 and 9. She is also a Permaculture chef, operating PermacultureDenton’s cottage bakery and teaches various methods of food preparation and preservation to extend the life of your yields (in private in-home instruction and public classes). Her favorite is fermentation, which will improve one’s health with the very first bite. Nichole is coordinating and facilitating this course, creating a comfortable environment in which to learn from all the teachers at PermacultureDenton. She will help you every step of the way with any challenges you might have while engaging in your PDC. She is your personal liaison. Lean on her for assistance.