Jennifer Sereno

Plano, TX

Jennifer Sereno is an addict to the creative process, art facilitator, and can-doer. She thrives in a public setting that is met by communal achievement. She’s enjoyed leading group projects over the last ten years, and is the owner, and sole instructor, of an independent art school in Plano. Historically, her own sculptural works have focused on using an amalgamation of upcycled nature’s offerings, and emphasizing tactility and interaction; the removal of space between art and its viewer--namely through public art installations, community projects, and workshops.

Through her seven years as a radio personality/programmer, for KNON 89.3FM, she has been able to garner a deeper understanding of public speaking. It made sense that she integrated Permaculture as a part of her lifestyle. Her PDC was earned at the Yoga Forest, in San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala, in November of 2014, and she’s been on a fast track to help spread the word, empower clients, and implement designs ever since. She knows permaculture is a step towards a regenerative society, a logical addition to her artistic morals and the impetus behind the creation of her ST.ARTS company, Sustainable Art, Sites and Series.

Jennifer, having a thorough understanding of the book-work of Permaculture, hit the ground running upon her return from Guatemala and has completed many designs and implementations in Plano and Dallas, navigating city codes to make her 'ground-breaking' work possible for her clients and communities. She is happy to show her portfolio of amazing designs and their progress to date.

Jennifer lives Permaculture and loves to share with people how we can all have this lifestyle. She will not only teach various segments of the PDC, she will help you to develop your skills in hand-drawing your designs, and you’ll start designing on the very first day. Jennifer Sereno is someone worth knowing and following in Permaculture and Art in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. PermacultureDenton is very happy to be associated with Ms. Sereno and we know you will be as well.