Expanded Format PDC

Announcing PermacultureDenton's Fourth Annual Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) Course, this year held at the roomy and comfortable 1 acre IOOF Lodge #82 property in Denton TX. Several other sites across the metroplex will also be utilized, where you’ll gain real experience in Permaculture, Sustainability, and Regenerativity while learning to:

  • See the interrelatedness of natural systems from microbes to man

  • Work with nature’s flow, instead of against it

  • Recognize and integrate pattern and natural rhythms of a site

  • Rehydrate your land

  • Create microclimates allowing you to extend your growing seasons

  • Build food abundance and share with your friends and neighbors

  • Lower the cost of groceries, and energy on your family’s budget

  • Reduce your dependence on the grid

  • Expand your thinking to where dependence on external systems need not be your default

  • Create your own products at home from non-toxic materials

  • Understand the basics of Animal Husbandry

  • Create a rich soil teaming with microbes to nourish your

  • plants and your family

  • Do a whole lot more than is on this list!

September 15, 16, 17

3-Day Introduction to Permaculture Workshop

October 14, 15

Alternative Global Nation Strategies Workshop

November 18, 19

Natural Patterns & Climatic Factors Workshop

December 2, 3

Self-Care Zone Zero Workshop

January 20, 21

Water & Aquaculture Workshop

February 17, 18

BONUS WEEKEND: Homesteading Skills Workshop

March 24, 25

Soils Workshop

April 14, 15

Trees Workshop

June 2, 3

Earthworks Workshop

July 7, 8

Design Work Intensive

July 21, 22

Presentations/Graduation/Talent Exhibition/




  • Having more free-time and dollars to be involved with your loved ones and pursue your own interests

  • Having the opportunity to be a part of a growing community of folks interested in Permaculture, Sustainability and Regenerativity

  • Enjoying fresh, local, organic lunches prepared and delivered by the amazing chefs at Juice Lab every PDC weekend

  • Learning about things you didn’t even know you didn’t know

Permaculture is all-encompassing, a great way to organize your garden/farm, and your life. It’s much more than a Design Science, it is a lifestyle. At its roots, it draws from successful agricultural practices of indigenous peoples from around the world, and the PDC pulls them all into one course. Our emphasis on Chapter 14, Strategies for an Alternative Global Nation, will bring the new Permaculturist around full circle into an all-encompassing conversation and infinite possibilities for your future. Furthermore, taking a PDC with PermacultureDenton gives you access to compelling and experienced teachers from the first day of the course on through the rest of your life. Indeed, you will be part of an instant community on your first weekend with people wanting the same things that you do, and a large teaching team that is already in that lifestyle and present to help support you into yours. Our lead teachers have many years more teaching experience than anyone teaching Permaculture in North Texas. Our instructors and facilitators have taught at Art Schools, major corporations, even an Ivy League University, and PDCs in and out of the country. The possibilities for your future are infinite with the connections and the supportive community you will gain by being a part of our next group of students.


In this PDC, you will get more than just classroom time. You will see natural concepts in action at local farms, have the opportunity to work with your hands for practical experience at Tyler Station Community Co-Working Space, Texas Worm Ranch, IOOF #82 Lodge grounds, Symbiosis Gardens, a developing Permaculture Farm just outside of Denton, along with other farms and suburban and urban sites in DFW. Our instructors are people of action, who love to work and love empowering others with the skills needed to do good work on their own. Therefore, we not only have design experiences for you in mind, but several implementation implementation experiences from designs on sites that will be permanent. You will get much more out of this course than sitting at a computer watching hundreds of hours of videos on YouTube or in a classroom watching an instructor click a PowerPoint presentation. Many students learn best through doing. Our aim is to give you loads of that practical experience, and because this is an expanded, 11 months-long course format, you will be able to see systems across North Texas through four seasons, a rare opportunity in a PDC course.

Expanded format, bonuses, field trips, and field experiences!


In our expanded format PDC, we will go deeper into every core subject area than the average 72-hour PDC. Indeed, this course will be 132 hours of instruction and hands-on practical experience. Because of the success of our bonus weekends from previous courses, which included only a fraction of our popular wholistic health seminar with Richard Corey, and our most popular recurring course—Fermentation 101 with Nichole Fausey, we have added the Self-Care weekend to the expanded course curriculum. As the foundational core of PermacultureDenton, health is our bottom line. Together, Corey and Fausey offer a set of knowledge that no one in the area can bring to you. At PermacultureDenton, our main goal is your health and we know that health comes from the garden. In addition, we will bring you our bonus weekend: Homesteading Skills! You’ll gain beginner knowledge, that you’ll quickly expand on your own, taking control of what enters your home, and what goes into the products you use in daily living, from basic gardening knowledge (seed starting, companion planting, when to plant, etc.), small animal husbandry (chickens, goats, and possibly ducks and quail), cleaning products and upcycling, and Outdoor Cooking.

Field Trips and Field Experiences


Tyler Station Community Co-Working Facility

We are thrilled to be sharing the new Community Co-working facility at Tyler Station, Dallas with the class for two weekends. We will have classroom time and engage in manufacturing CEBs (compressed earth blocks) during one weekend, and another weekend we will engage in an Earthworks project on the site, as well as witnessing some of the goings on of a Permaculture facility in an urban setting and construction of a project with those CEBs you made a few months earlier. See what’s possible when the community works together under one roof and on one parcel of land. There are too many surprises at Tyler Station to name them all in this very long announcement. You’re going to love it!


Texas Worm Ranch

One of our favorites, we are again including Heather Rinaldi and her Texas Worm Ranch, but this time we are spending an entire day at her facility, learning about worms, composting, and soil fertility. We will also be helping her with one of her many projects at the Ranch. Students will leave this soils weekend excited about their own properties and ready to create a rich environment for their home gardens and those of their clients.


This sounds great. When does it start?

Your 2017/18 course begins the weekend of September 15, 16, 17 and runs one weekend a month through July 2018 with a break in May. This longer format allows you to practice the concepts and techniques all through the course in your real life and not be left with that “What Now?” feeling that many have at the end of their PDC. We will also suggest field trips during the course on non-course weekends through the months, offering deep discounts (or free admission when possible) on any classes given through PermacultureDenton, but we will suggest ALL relevant classes taking place in North Texas.


The dates for your course are:

  • September 15, 16, 17 Introduction weekend led by Jennifer Sereno and Aaron Hafele

  • October 14, 15 Strategies for an Alternative Global Nation led by Will Schnack

  • November 18, 19 (Tyler Station Community Co-Working Facility) Patterns & Climactic Factors led by Elizabeth Hurtado and Jennifer Sereno

  • December 2, 3 Self-Care “ZONE 0” led by Richard Corey and Nichole Fausey

  • January 20, 21 Water & Aquaponics led by Theron Beaudreau

  • February 17, 18 BONUS WEEKEND: Homesteading Skills led by Annette Argabright, Chanel Smith, & Matthew Williams

  • March 24, 25 (24th will be at Texas Worm Ranch) Soils Weekend led by Justin West & Matthew Williams April 14, 15 Trees led by Matthew Williams and Justin West

  • May is Extended Site Observation Month—class will not meet as a group

  • June 2, 3 (Tyler Station, Dallas both days) Earthworks led by Jennifer Sereno, Justin West, Annette Argabright, and Elizabeth Hurtado

  • July 7, 8 Design Work Intensive, led by Jennifer Sereno & Chanel Smith

  • July 21, 22 Presentations/Graduation/Talent Exhibition/Celebration


What about the Instructors?

PermacultureDenton's instructors are masterful at focusing on the Denton and North Texas area, while still covering all major climates thoroughly, so you will understand just what to address when designing for your own or a client's property in and around Denton, or anywhere else. Our staff of teachers are studied and practiced Permaculturists, with a diverse set of backgrounds and their own teachers to draw from.

All of our teachers have been through at least one Permaculture Teacher Training intensive and are required to engage in training weekends before being able to teach or even be part of the production teams at PermacultureDenton. We have tried to make a requirement for yearly continuing education experience, volunteering, or courses, but they all exceed it every year, so we stopped keeping the requirement. Have you heard of a Permaculturist who doesn’t do these things? We haven’t. Our teachers are very engaged in their communities with volunteer projects and are lifelong learners themselves, always trying to improve the flow and function of the projects and organizations with which they are involved, including this PDC. Being life-long students we learn just as much from you as you do from us. Jennifer has been teaching for 14 years. Will has been teaching and writing books for a decade. Elizabeth is Adjunct Faculty at Tarrant Community College. Theron is the foremost teacher trainer in the state and one of the best in the country along with having been teaching PDCs here and around the world for 10+ years. Annette has 20+ years teaching children as well adults. Chanel teaches daily at her job at a Fort Worth nursery. Justin is a natural teacher and has teaching experience all through his adult life in Water management, the oil and gas industry, Preparedness and Permaculture. Aaron taught for years in the corporate sector and now his passion is Permaculture. Richard’s teaching experience spans 25 years in a variety of subjects including physiology, fitness, nutrition, and Permaculture. As you can see, even before they took Permaculture Teacher training, this was an amazing squad of educators. Our web wizard, Nathan Alexander, and our full-time UNT student, Sean Durbin, support the team and will also take opportunities to teach, both at the head of the classroom and one-on-one with our students and in student groups. Don’t skip reading the teachers’ bios. They’re all fascinating and real people who care about our world and the species on it. All our teachers want to welcome you to the expanding community and we’re all excited to meet you and usher you through the garden gate of Permaculture.


Meet Our Instructors

So, what's the investment?


We are implementing a new convenient sliding tuition scale. You choose the amount you want to invest and that fits your budget from $1159 to $1459. This range allows those with more needs or longer traveling distances to pay a more comfortable fee. Scholarships are also available. Your full payment is preferred. Your investment goes to pay:

  • Instructors a living wage, 

  • Lunches from Juice Lab (a Denton organic local restaurant that cares about your health the same as we do), no need to think about lunch ahead of time on busy PDC weekends 

  • Field trips 

  • Basemaps and design tools 

  • New Materials 

  • Administrative costs

  • Facility fees

  • Scholarships for students in need, demonstrating a desire/goal to help themselves and their community

A $200 non-refundable deposit will hold your seat and seats are very limited for this extended format course. Final payments for the course are due on or before August 1. No refunds after 30 days before the course start date.

Are you currently in another PDC? Took a PDC, but want more information in a subject area? Just want a taste of what we offer and how we’re different? Come on out for a weekend or even just a day. Our day rate is $135, and includes a wonderful organic local lunch from Juice Lab in Denton (no matter where we’re meeting for the day/weekend). Or come for the weekend and really get to know us and the other students. The weekend rate saves you a few dollars. It’s just $225 to $325 and for the amount of information you’ll get, plus the hands on an interactive experiences, you’ll think you really got an amazing deal. 

Scholarship recipients must go through an application process, including submission of life experience/resume, 4 non-relative references, and a tentative plan for how they will use the knowledge and certificate. Scholarship recipients who do not finish the course will billed for the scholarship in full.

You may submit your payment here online or contact Nichole for other payment methods.

Want to know more?


Visit the FAQ post for this PDC in our community forum or contact Nichole at or call/text 214.404.7301


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