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  • Nathan Alexander
    Jul 26, 2017

    Is childcare provided? Nursing babies are welcome, but we do not provide childcare for the PDC. If you need help finding childcare, we may be able to help find a provider for you. Do you have a payment plan? We do payment plans on the top of the sliding scale with Half the amount being paid by day 1 of the course. The rest will be divided into 4 equal installments to be paid at the beginning of the course weekends 4 months in a row. Do I have to bring my own lunch to weekend workshops? Weekend Workshops that coincide with the PDC will have a local organic lunch provided from Juice Lab in Denton, no matter where the workshop is held. Who should take this course? Everyone! This course is designed to suit a diverse student body from seasoned farmers and permaculturists to folks who have never gardened a day in their life. Anybody with a desire to cultivate a better relationship with food, personal health, and one’s greater community will find the tools and support they seek here. Our PDC opens the door to a new way of seeing and working with nature, connects you with friends who will continue to support you long after the course ends, and leaves a lasting impression that will enhance all aspects of your life and complement your work in any profession. We focus on solving the world’s ever complicated problems and enriching your health and freedom by re-exploring our relationship with nature through natural farming and regenerative agriculture techniques. You’ll find this endeavor both infinitely complex and embarrassingly simple, and we’d like to make this course as accessible as possible while hitting somewhere in the middle- offering simplicity with sound explanations and practical applications. Therefore, all are encouraged to participate but those on the younger side may opt for enrollment in our Planet Defender’s program. The course will be challenging while being tailored to the student body, and will include regular personal attention and check-ins. How many modules do I need to take to get a Permaculture Design Certificate? To be certified through PermacultureDenton, you must take all modules other than the bonus weekend. You may miss no more than two weekends of the course. Any missed class time must be made up outside of class. The Introduction weekend is mandatory and where you will meet your support team of all the teachers and students who are on this journey together with you. The bonus weekends are not required for certification but are some of the most valuable aspects of this course. Why is the price so high? What does this course offer that others don’t? Experiential learning with hands-on activities every single weekend. Learning from experienced, TRAINED, and CERTIFIED Permaculture teachers. Catered organic lunches. One-on-One hand and computer design instruction. Teachers from all walks of life converging for the betterment of all of life. Experts in health and healing. Compressed Earth Block workshops in construction and implementation/building. Working and workable facilities. You will be doing TWO designs and partial implementation on TWO properties--NO OTHER COURSE OFFERS THAT. Do you have a referral program? We do not have a referral program at this time. Do you offer scholarships? Scholarship recipients must go through an application process, including submission of life experience/resume, 4 non-relative references, and a tentative plan for how they will use the knowledge and certificate. Scholarship recipients who do not finish the course will billed for the scholarship in full, due immediately. The scholarship fund is dependent on some students paying more than the minimum tuition on the sliding scale. The minimum tuition covers what is required for the course to break even, and any extra goes into the scholarship fund and to recipients with the most need. If you are interested in taking the course but money is an issue, please get in touch with Nichole. or 214.404.7301 Will this course be in a classroom or outside? The course will have classroom time and outdoor/experiential time. You are never obligated to participate in an activity which you think would not be good for you, such as digging, planting, bending, low-intensity hiking, etc. You will still gain the knowledge from the practical session, even if you choose not to participate in the activities. What is the refund policy for the PDC? No refunds will be given less than 31 days before the course start date. The deposit shall be retained if a student withdraws from the course before the withdraw deadline. Because we run on a shoestring budget, we can depend on every dime coming in. Many of our staff are volunteers because of our tight budget and their dedication to spreading this knowledge. Paying for the entire course in advance is the best way to save money and get all the knowledge for certification, but you can still take the course and pay for it one weekend at a time. Can I bring pets? Trained therapy dogs and seeing eye dogs are welcome. How do I register? There are several ways to register. Go to and click Register on the PDC page, which will take you to PayPal and you can pay your deposit. After payment, you will be sent a registration packet via email. Fill it out and send it back. After completing and returning the registration form, you will receive a document on how to prepare for PDC weekends. Please read it carefully and come fully prepared to every weekend. Contact Nichole Fausey at or call or text 214.404.7301. Or send $200, cash, check, or money order to PermacultureDenton with your Name, address, phone number and email address to PermacultureDenton, 2809 Nottingham Drive, Denton TX 76209. What if I miss a module? You will be expected to actively get the notes from 3 classmates at your expense, and to write a thorough summary of the chapter(s) missed. You may miss no more than 2 modules and you must prove to the instructor for that module and to the course coordinator that you have the knowledge from those chapters. What forms of payment do you accept? We accept BitCoin, Cash, Checks, and money orders. We prefer BitCoin and Cash whenever possible. Contact to discuss options. What if I only want to take one module? Take it! We will give you a document certifying that you completed the module, if you register in advance. If you attend without pre-registering, we will email it to you. Keep it for your records in case you want to eventually complete and attain the full Permaculture Design Certificate. Is there a discount if I sign up for multiple modules? It depends on the modules and their budgeting. Contact Nichole to inquire. or 214.404.7301 What is Permaculture? Permaculture is a design science that takes into account every species, working with nature instead of against it, for the benefit of all life. How do I find out what each module is about? Each module is listed fully on the website and the facebook event pages, and on MeetUp. What can I do with that certificate? You can use your certificate as proof that you have completed the Permaculture Design Course with PermacultureDenton. It will be necessary when applying for Permaculture Internships, advanced courses in Permaculture and can be used on resumes when applying for WOOFing positions or any job. You can apply to take Teacher Training, with experience. You can also present it to clients as proof that you spent time developing your knowledge and skills. You can work as a designer, but you should rely more on your experience than on your certificate of completion. Please do not believe anyone who says you will earn $1200 to $1500 a day as a PDC graduate. It is simply not true. Nobody in Texas is making that kind of money in Permaculture. You can expect to make $20 to $50/hr doing design work and implementation, after you have gained experience and have a portfolio to show. More important than the certificate is the knowledge and experience gained by taking the PDC. Most students say that their undertaking of the PDC with PermacultureDenton has had life-changing impact for themselves as individuals and their families. How many modules do I need to take to get certified? All modules are required to earn the Permaculture Design Certificate from PermacultureDenton, except the bonus weekend.
  • starsfan26
    Jun 29, 2017

    Gabe Brown's quote at the end of this video is pure gold.
  • starsfan26
    Jun 29, 2017

    I have given this a test run over the last couple of months and it's been kind of interesting. It almost seems to not need explaining that getting preservative-free, naturally grazed/grass-fed meats delivered to your home is pretty slick. My only problems with the service are the lack of control and apparent wastefulness of the packaging. Although they say it's all recyclable packaging, it comes in a cardboard box (recyclable) wrapped in plastic (not recyclable), and then everything is inside of a cooler bag (not recyclable, but reusable) and then that is insulated with a couple of big blankets of insulating material. This does not appear to be recyclable to me, although it does look to be made of would-be waste products (think something along the lines of carpet padding, made of a bunch of different cloth trimming material). And yes, those bags are reusable, but I don't really need 12 cooler bags. Maybe they hope I'll give them all away. Or maybe if I start a small market garden business I could use them for delivery or something, although they're branded with Butcher Box, so that could be awkward. Like other monthly subscription boxes, you get what they give you. This month I got a lot of chicken tenders and Italian sausage that I'm not particularly interested in. They send a couple of recipes, but this month they didn't really match up with the meat I got. Tri-tip recipe and flat-iron steaks. Go figure. My first month's box was great and I went through it all pretty quickly. I thought about doubling my second month, but now I'm glad I didn't because I really don't want 6# of chicken tenders. lol All in all I think it's a cool idea, and while the shipping seems wasteful to me, shipping makes it accessible to almost anyone, anywhere. Even though I have access to organic chicken at Costco, for example, it's not always as easy to find actually field-grazed, all natural chicken. The thing I'm very curious about is how they treat their farmers. It seems like selling in to their program would be a good, solid market that alleviates the farmer from doing all the marketing and selling work, I just wonder how well they're compensated and treated. Anyone else have any experience or thoughts?