Chanel Smith

Fort Worth, TX

Chanel’s journey to permaculture started when a health crisis led her to natural medicine and sparked her passion for nutrition. She started a potted herb garden, collecting every variety of medicinal herb she could find and crafting her own remedies until her explorations led her to the understanding that clean, organic food was at the foundation of it all. After doing a work-trade on an organic farm in North Carolina where she developed a passion for farm to table foods, she started her first vegetable garden and spent the first season breaking her back until she discovered Back to Eden method which changed not only her garden, but her life. It was then that she dived head first into permaculture by completing her PDC followed by engaging in and completing a Permaculture Teacher Training intensive. 

Chanel currently has a small business preparing healthy meals for families and is managing a 144 sq. ft. public display garden where she is cultivating rare, heirloom-variety vegetables. She is also developing her own property to meet more of her family’s food needs including a 288 sq. ft. potager/English cottage style veggie garden and incorporating hugelkultur beds and fruit trees. Her mission is to bridge the gap between self-care and earth-care by connecting people with the natural world, which she does through her engaging, participation-rich teaching style. She is enthusiastic about reducing waste, urban homesteading, companion planting, intensive gardening and is very excited to share these skills with you in the upcoming PDC!