Our mission is to serve the Dallas/Fort Worth region (and beyond) by creating learning opportunities in the areas of health & healing, gardening, cooking, preserving, skills that are our birthright, but which have been taken away from us through encouraging our dependence on big corporations (Big Ag/Big Pharma).


We know that each person can be healthy by preparing and eating food they grow and trading with others locally and seasonally to provide everything they need, using sustainable and regenerative methods on their properties, community gardens, and our facility in Denton, TX.


We teach everything from seed starting to full Permaculture property design and implementation.  Along with all of this teaching, we encourage others to be teachers through our developing apprenticeship to master facilitator programs.


Our main goal is to encourage planet and self-stewardship for health, longevity, and freedom. Our health is in our hands.  Our planet is in our hands.  Let us serve the area by educating each other and together sharing in the practical experiences that make us all secure into an abundant future for ourselves and our children.


PermacultureDenton's instructors are masterful at focusing on the Denton and North Texas area, while still covering all major climates thoroughly, so you will understand just what to address when designing for your own or a client's property in and around Denton, or anywhere else. Our staff of teachers are studied and practiced Permaculturists, with a diverse set of backgrounds and their own teachers to draw from. 


Integrated Acres
Austin Permaculture Guild
Texas Worm Ranch
Westbound Design
Juice Lab
Food Not Lawns
Texas Honeybee Guild


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