Aaron Hafel

Denton, TX

Having spent several years working and training in theater arts, Aaron became disillusioned by the wastefulness of it and decided to choose a new path. As luck would have it, he took a job at a then young Whole Foods Market and began learning about better ways to eat and grow food. Diverting to a career in IT to support his young family, Aaron never lost his passion for the outdoors nor his desire to help others. Despite being provided with the opportunity for constant learning, and acquiring new skills like teaching and training, Aaron again grew dissatisfied with not being able to do work that he felt contributed enough to the betterment of the people and world around him. 

His journey lead him away from Texas to North Dakota and even briefly to California, before bringing him back to Texas where his roots grow ever deeper. Now, having discovered Permaculture, Aaron has come full circle in his endeavors, finally able to bring his experiences and passions together in to work that he finds truly fulfilling: learning, teaching and sharing with others how to provide for themselves and others in a fundamental and meaningful way.